Why Kids Shield?

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Kids Shield is child monitoring software to keep control onchild activity over phone. Its advanced monitoring features includechild phone monitoring and child phone tracking. This solution iseasy to use and its advance features like live panel makes itworld's most powerful parental monitoring application on the market.It is very handy and useful feature for hundreds of parents to keepwatch on their children. It provides live photo, location, SMScommand capturing etc. facility. For that you have to just installthe software on your kid's mobile phone or your authorized androidmobile phone, and you can SILENTLY learn the truth about theircalls, text messages and GPS locations by logging into yourregistered account from any web browser.

Do you require Text, Calls, Contacts even if your phone getshardware failure? Does your smartphone lost and want to track it?Use Kids Shield. We provide the hottest and powerful androidmonitoring software for your security purpose. We have expert teamthat provide the best cell phone monitor system for android mobilephone. Main benefit of our mobile phone monitoring software isquick, simple and safe. It's enhanced curbing and tracking system isuseful for preventing your android device. Our expert team isspecializes in providing tailored and customer oriented child phonetracking solutions using the latest technologies.


Kids Shield is the All-In-One Parental Monitoring Solution You Will Ever Need. All our features run perfectly on all Android phones and tablets. Let Our Powerful Features Do the Talking!

SMS Tracking

View each and every incoming and outgoing sms from your device along with email notification.

Call Tracking with Audio

View each and every incoming and outgoing calls from your device along with email notification.

Locate Device

Play loud ring, Alert message, Device location, SIM Change notification. Which help you to track your device.

GPS/CellID Location Tracking

You can track the exact position of the phone using Google Maps.

Web History Tracking

Track all URLs the user has visited in the cell phone browser.


Track your all Whatsapp Messages. This feature working in rooted device only.

Live Panel

Instant Audio/Photo/Location. Listen live surrounding audio, capture photo and location instantly by single click.

Phonebook Access

Track all the contacts stored on the phone. Block incoming/outgoing calls and incoming sms from unwanted contact.


Scheduler start capturing audio or photo for given time, if internet connectivity is not available for that time and upload that data when device connected with internet.

About Kids Shield

Kids Shield is a Ultimateparental monitoring software to keep control on child activity over phone. Its advance features like live panel makesit world's most powerful parental monitoring application in theworld. It is very handy and useful feature for hundreds ofparents to keep watch on their children.

Do you require Sms, Calls,Contacts even if your phone gets hardware failure? Does yoursmartphone lost and want to track it? Use Kids Shield.We have expert team that provide thebest cell phone monitor system for android mobile phone.

Child Monitoring

Do your child go to school or anywhere else? Who are theirfriends? What are they doing with friends? Where are they now?What are they watching on their mobile? Monitor on theirsmartphone and take a look at their world. It gives you theknowledge to understand your kids, protect them and support them.Its your right to know about your children what they are doing.you can make your children safe with Kids Shield, Try it today & live tension free lifewith your child.

The Powerful Features Of Kids Shield

  • Live audio/video surveillance
  • Monitoring of most popular IMs (WhatsApp,Facebook,Skype,Tik Tok,Instagram,Line,Telegram, Hike,QQ,Tinder,Viber & more)
  • Clipboard feature
  • Remote access of File storage
  • 24/7 instant Alerts
  • Theft prevention feature

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World's most powerful monitoring software gives you all that you need for monitoring android device,give it a chance to make your child safe!

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